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Welcome to the "International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies" (IJRHSS), a premier open-access platform dedicated to showcasing exemplary research in the vast fields of humanities and social sciences. At IJRHSS, we pride ourselves on facilitating the dissemination of scholarly insights and cutting-edge research methodologies across a wide spectrum of disciplines, emphasizing the critical role of interdisciplinary approaches and cultural studies in fostering a deeper understanding of human society.

Our journal is committed to maintaining the highest standards of peer review, ensuring that all published articles meet rigorous criteria for research integrity and academic excellence. By bridging the gap between theoretical exploration and practical application, IJRHSS aims to make a significant impact on the academic landscape, encouraging vibrant discourse and collaboration within the global academic community.

Embracing an open-access model, IJRHSS ensures that all of its content is freely accessible to researchers, scholars, and practitioners worldwide, promoting the free exchange of ideas and knowledge across borders. We warmly invite contributions from individuals who are eager to advance the frontiers of humanities and social studies, enriching our collective understanding of the human experience.

Call for Papers for Volume-11, Issue-2

The "International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies" (IJRHSS) is actively seeking submissions for its upcoming Volume 11, Issue 2. We welcome original research papers, comprehensive review articles, and in-depth case studies that contribute to the body of knowledge in humanities and social sciences. Our publication is an ideal venue for scholars aiming to publish impactful research that bridges disciplines and cultures. Submit your manuscript today and join our mission to promote groundbreaking research and scholarly innovation.