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Welcome to the International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management (IJRBSM), a distinguished open-access journal dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly research within the realm of business studies and management. Our publication serves as a forum for academics, researchers, and practitioners to explore and share insights on a wide array of topics including strategic management, organizational behavior, marketing, finance, and operations management.

At IJRBSM, we are committed to fostering a rigorous academic environment through our peer-reviewed process, ensuring the integrity and quality of the research we publish. Our goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field by facilitating the exchange of ideas and findings that are grounded in thorough research and analysis.

As an open-access journal, IJRBSM ensures that all content is freely available, supporting our mission to promote accessibility and inclusivity in academic discourse. We invite contributions from a diverse international community of scholars, reflecting the global nature of business and management challenges.

Whether you are looking to publish your latest research or seeking to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field, IJRBSM offers a comprehensive resource that caters to the needs of the academic and professional business community.

Current Issue

Volume-11, Issue-1, 2024
Published: 2024-01-01


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